Oct. 19 Plant Managers Meeting: High Performance Polymers

Presented by ENECON

There's still time for you to register for our first Plant Managers meeting of the 2017-2018 Professional Development season! Our kick-off meeting takes place at the PAISBOA Offices in Radnor Township on Thursday, October 19 at 11:30 a.m., when we will learn about the magic of High Performance Polymers.

This is our second feature about these unusual products, which may have possible applications in your school environments. This one involves concrete repair and sealing - this description will stir your imagination as to how you can use this product.

"DuraFill is very versatile. It exhibits extraordinary adhesion to virtually any type of mineral substrate
as well as most metals. It has excellent compressive strength, impact resistance, as well as thermal shock
resistance. is not only for ® DuraFill concrete; it will also bond to marble, slate, stone, brick, terrazzo,
tiles, most metals, wood...even rigid plastics and glass! ®"

ENECON, which has done business in 70 countries for over 25 years, manufactures high performance polymers that help building owners and industrial plants solve facility and maintenance problems such as concrete, pipes, pumps, roof leaks, corrosion, HVAC, and much more. Using High Performance Polymers to do permanent repairs can help schools save a substantial amount of time and money when considering replacement costs. ENECON District Sales Manager Kevin Fisher will discuss the many ways that advanced polymer technology can permanently solve a variety of physical plant challenges.

For more about ENECON, take a look at the attached page from their corporate brochure and then use your imagination. At the meeting, you’ll enjoy re-connecting to a great group of people who are as committed to maintaining their schools as you are!

REGISTER TODAY and help kick off what we hope will be a successful Professional Development season. Share lunch and -- undoubtedly -- your many "summer war stories" with your colleagues. Our Plant Manager listserv this summer reflected the generosity and sharing of our group by way of the many furniture and fixture donations between members. Be a part of it!