Wednesday Webinar 10.18.17 - The Predictive Index

In July we announced an Agreement with David Lunken of Cedarcroft Advisors (Baltimore MD), to provide a range of services built around a personality assessment tool called the Predictive Index. The idea is to increase the odds of success for making the right hire for a given position.

David is already working with some of our schools, but we have scheduled an informational webinar on Wednesday October 18 at 10:15 a.m. to educate HR staff and Administrators about the features of the package David has designed for our schools.
Since people are the most important assets of our schools, making good hiring decisions is a significant factor contributing to the success of the school.
The webinar will cover the three components to our Agreement:
  1. The Key Hire Project, the administration of a hiring process for a position, together with testing and analytical reports on up to 10 candidates, for a fixed fee.
  2. A Team Effectiveness Workshop
  3. Use and administration of the Predictive Index assessment tool, without limit to the number of participants. This consists of an annual subscription and training.