Purchasing Consortium Sponsors PhishMe Webinar Next Week

The PAISBOA Purchasing Consortium has been working with CDW-G to offer tools which schools can use to assess and deal with Cyber Security risk. This work is in coordination with the theme of the PAISBOA Business Insurance Group Annual Meeting presentation (Cyber Liability) on November 15.

Arguably the biggest Cyber Security risk in schools is determined by the behavior and practices of students, faculty, and staff. No matter what schools do on the hardware side, there is always the fundamental vulnerability of human error.

Over 90% of cyberattacks and the resulting data breaches begin with a spear phishing email. Small and medium sized organizations (such as our schools) prove to be easier targets for malicious actors in comparison to larger enterprises. With Simulator, schools and organizations can take advantage of PhishMe's enterprise-class phishing defense technology.

Please join us for an informative webinar on Thursday, November 9 at 2 p.m., as Eva Norlander (pictured), a phishing specialist with PhishMe, presents a live demonstration on how Simulator works:

  • Conditions employees to identify and report phishing attacks through proven, immersive education processes
  • Accurately mimics real-life spear phishing scenarios and provides instant learning opportunities for recipients who fall for the exercises
  • Provides your IT team with the tools to effectively educate employees to help thwart phishing attacks aimed at your organization

All members are welcome to attend. To Register, Click Here!