PAISBOA Energy Purchasing Program Produces Good Results for Members

The PAISBOA Energy Purchasing Program Steering Committee met August 23, 2017 with our team of consultants to review the results of the RFP process for bids for contract pricing after July 2018.

The pricing reflected  the commodities market at near historic lows for both natural gas and electricity and minimal premium for additional years. The bid responses for natural gas will give participating schools and prospects alike an idea of what we will be doing. As has recently been publicized, there is a high correlation between the gas and electric markets. Subject to the timing of the execution, the table reflects the accepted bid pricing.
Ultimately, the price of energy is more dependent on timing in the market than any other factor. Accordingly, PAISBOA is careful about promoting savings in view of the primary goals of the program - Price Stability and Budget Certainty. Particularly since full deregulation of electricity in the state, Pennsylvania has been a little bit like the wild west with all kinds of claims being made by vendors in a generally falling market.  
The PAISBOA Energy Purchasing Program takes new members into the program at any time, and creates a new contract to bridge the gap between the end of their current contract and the ending date of the group. This is a good time for any school to look at their numbers and consider joining.
Call Rachel Tilney at 215-435-5000 for a conversation about that possibility, and click here to see a list of the benefits of participating in the program.