Upcoming PAISBOA Wednesday Webinars

Debt Financing for Independent Schools 

Dan Froehlich and Joe Bosch of D.A. Davidson & Company, discussed the latest trends in debt financing for schools in a fantastic presentation at our March 27 Wednesday Webinar. They delved into the strategies that CFOs/Business Managers can use to prepare their schools for managing existing debt and financing new projects.

Debt financing is an important financial tool available to independent schools. The objective of debt financing should be to prudently leverage financial resources – cash flow + unrestricted cash and investments + real estate – to invest in strategic and mission-driven objectives while limiting ongoing risk. In this webinar we will discuss how schools can manage costs (interest expense and total amount of debt) while also bounding risks. The costs and risks of debt financing are directly correlated with the financing structure selected, including bank financing and rated bonds, the collateral pledged to lenders and the financial covenants agreed to by the borrower.

You can re-view our webinar on our YouTube Channel.

This Webinar is Eligible for CPE Credit.

Learning Objective: Participants will gain a deeper understanding of how to determine debt capacity and why it is important, changes in the bank financing market, and the pros and cons of credit ratings.
Competency: Specialized Knowledge and Applications
Instructional Method: Group Study
Program Level: Basic
Prerequisites: None
Advanced Preparations: None
Recommended CPE Credits: 1in Specialized Knowledge and Applications