How Can PAISBOA Support Schools Now?

October 10, 2020

Since March, life as we know it has changed dramatically, and independent school and university business officers and their teams have been working ‘round the clock. First to pivot to off-campus learning and work, then to pivot to a hybrid situation of some constituents on and off campus for learning and work, and this month to pivot back to full-time on campus learning and work — it has been a herculean effort for all involved. As one of our business officer colleague shared, “50 days until Thanksgiving, but who’s counting?!”

Every step of the way, PAISBOA has worked side-by-side with members to give you safe spaces to meet and share challenges and successes, like our Monday Morning Coffee Breaks; we post the most up-to-date information on COVID and related topics on the PAISBOA COVID Resources site; and we’ve given you access to professionals and corporate partners who’ve provided financial modeling tools, professional advice and counsel, and even some self-care recommendations to stay strong for our communities.

At the first board meeting of the 2020-2021 academic year, new Chair of the PAISBOA Board, Carolyn Hapeman asked Board Members to consider “How Can PAISBOA Support Schools Now?” In response, our Board passed a budget that did not raise dues for 2021, as they wanted members to know that they understand all of the current financial pressures for independent schools and universities, and they made recommendations for services, resources, and programs that will support schools now and in the future.

One question from a new Board Member stood out for me, “How can we make sure members take advantage of all the things PAISBOA offers already?”

We created this infographic to explain all of the benefits PAISBOA members enjoy with our all-inclusive membership dues, and we want members to access all the benefits, especially the group purchasing opportunities: PAISBOA Health Benefit Trust (for PA members), PAISBOA Energy Purchasing Program (Electric, Gas, and Green Energy Credits), PAISBOA Business Insurance Group, and PAISBOA Purchasing Consortium for Goods and Services.

Participating in the various PAISBOA consortia is a tremendous opportunity to save time for you and money for your school or university. At the same time you are supporting PAISBOA and your fellow members by increasing the buying power of the association, which enables the PAISBOA team to negotiate for excellent products/services, special PAISBOA discounts, and superior customer service. You can also say to any cold calling vendor — I do all my purchasing with PAISBOA and send them to us to vet.

Right now, we are transitioning to a new Broker partner (Bolton and Company) with the PAISBOA Business Insurance Group. In anticipation for our 2/1/2021 renewal, we are assessing our current program, determining the needs of our members, and designing the new program. Have I piqued your curiosity? Contact Chair of the PAISBOA Business Insurance GroupRob Marcantuono at [email protected] to see if your school/university might be a fit for the group.

For information about how COVID-19 is going to affect your 2021 insurance renewal, check out the following articles to fully understand the impact of the pandemic:

Rachel Tilney, PAISBOA Consortia Manager, continues to bring new vendor partners to the membership’s attention. PPE provider Fusion PPE and FACTS, our new tuition management solution, are the most recent vendor partners who not only offer special discounts to all PAISBOA members, but they also support the association with industry expertise and educational programs. Do you have an excellent relationship with a vendor? Refer them to Rachel at [email protected] to see if they are a good fit for our PAISBOA Preferred Vendor (PPV) Program.

How Can PAISBOA Support Schools Now?

  1. Complete the PAISBOA Annual Data Survey which provides a wide range of data allowing for in-depth analysis of financial indicators related to independent school and university management and operations. As in the past, the Survey consists of two parts: the General Survey and the Salary Survey, and is now open and runs through Monday, October 12. Results will be available in time for budget season around the end of October/early November. You can access the Survey through our Data Center.
  2. At your request, we are moving our Monday Morning Coffee Break to Monday Lunch with PAISBOA starting this Monday, October 12 at 12:00 noon. Join us AT THIS LINK!
  3. Let us know how we can help! Contact us with questions, concerns, and ideas.

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