Mike Schuller Named 2012 
John Batley Award Recipient

April 25, 2012 - One of the traditional highlights of the PAISBOA Annual Meeting is the presentation of the John Batley Award, our highest honor. A former CFO of Westtown School, recipient of the Visionary Award, and the man for whom the John Batley Award was created, John’s legacy is one of selfless giving and inclusion in PAISBOA. We celebrate his character, competence, and consistency each year with the selection of the John Batley Award winner.

For 2012, the John Batley Award was presented to
Mike Schuller of St. Andrew's School

Mike Schuller is Director of Institutional Planning and Strategic Initiatives and former CFO of St. Andrew’s School in Delaware. Mike has been a PAISBOA Board member since 2009, and has led the Local Foods Initiatives from its inception. Mike and his passionate committee have overcome all the challenges of getting local produce distributed to 17 PAISBOA schools. He has taken great pride in obtaining significant grants that enabled the farmers and distributors to meet or exceed the stringent food safety qualifications of school dining services.

Tina Rodriguez, CFO, Sage Dining Services, writes “Mike’s passion for local food and his conviction that great things are possible through the united efforts of many, led to the launching of PAISBOA’s Local Foods Initiative in August 2009. This small, dedicated band of schools, food service providers and local suppliers met monthly for the past three years to pioneer this unique model of farm-to-school cooperation. As a result, all PAISBOA members can enjoy the benefits of locally sourced food, educational programming, free marketing materials, and targeted advice and counseling on ways to better connect local farms and schools. None of this would have been possible without Mike’s vision and guidance.”

During Mike’s 14 years at St. Andrew’s, he is most proud of building a strong team and enabling people to learn and grow on the job thereby contributing more meaningfully to the institution while achieving a higher level of professional skills, knowledge, and self-satisfaction. He has overseen over $50 million in building renovations and new construction efficiently and collaboratively by including all stakeholders early on in the process, especially faculty, staff, and students as end-users. Mike was instrumental in improving the safety and security culture and processes of the school community, while managing 2100 acres of non-campus land holdings in a much more conscious and environmentally sensitive way and helping to build a culture of stewardship and resource conservation within the school community

Dan Roach, Head of School at St. Andrew's, writes “Mike has helped the school embrace and fulfill its distinctive mission by living the life of a 21st Century world citizen. He has used his brilliant business and finance background to help enable St. Andrew’s to develop financial sustainability strategies. Mike brings a zest for life, for service and for community that inspires us all.”

In addition to serving on the PAISBOA Board, Mike is also a Board member of NBOA, ABOPS (Boarding Schools) and has long been involved with the United Way. He and his wife, Candace, are proud parents of four daughters and live on the campus of St. Andrew’s with their golden retriever, Riptide.


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