John Batley Award
Prior Recipients

For Distinguished Service To The Profession Of Business Officers

PAISBOA's John Batley Award was established in 1999 to recognize distinguished service to the profession of Business Officers at Independent Schools. John Batley’s vision 50 years ago led to the founding of what has become PAISBOA. As the first chair of PAISBIG, John helped build a strong health insurance program into a magnet for innovation and entrepreneurship. READ MORE ABOUT JOHN BATLEY

2024      JOAN BARONE, PAISBOA Health Benefit Trust
2023      CAROLYN HAPEMAN, Westtown School
2022      CAROL LERNER, The Philadelphia School
2021      TOM TAFT, Germantown Academy
2020      CHERYL HAMMOND HOPEWELL, Friends School Haverford
2019      MARTHA SCACHE, Abington Friends School

2018      GAIL CRANE, The Quaker School at Horsham
2017      DONALD D. SILVERSON, The Hill School
2016      BOB MUELLER, Delaware Valley Friends School
2015     JOE VanBERNUM, Overbrook School for the Blind
2014     FRANK ALOISE, Springside Chestnut Hill Academy
2013     HAL DAVIDOW, William Penn Charter School
2012     MIKE SCHULLER, St. Andrews School – Delaware
2011     BOB CONNOLLY, Westtown School
2010     FRANK FRANUS, Pennsylvania School for the Deaf
2009     PEGGY CONVER, Chestnut Hill Academy
2008     EMILY MILLER, Friends’ Central School
2007     GIL SMITH, The Shipley School
2006     Bro. GERRY FRENDREIS, LaSalle College High School
2005     CHARLIE JOHNSON, St. Joseph’s Preparatory School
2004     MIKE NOONAN, Friends Select School
2003     NEIL FANELLI, CFS, School at Church Farm
2002     DANA WRIGHT, Baldwin School
2001     STEVE KLINE, Germantown Friends School
2000     JIM KIRKPATRICK, Hill School
1999     JOHN BATLEY, Westtown School


Visionary Award
Prior Recipients

For Foresight, Initiative and Passionate Leadership on Behalf of the Association 

2024.   HAL DAVIDOW, William Penn Charter School
2017    JOHN BATLEY, Westtown School

2011    BOB MUELLER, Delaware Valley Friends School


Service to the Flock Award
Prior Recipients

For Excellence in Service to the PAISBOA Flock, Advancing the Mission of the Association

The Service to the Flock Award, instituted in 2021, recognizes a member who has demonstrated excellence in their service to the PAISBOA flock. Through their exemplary professionalism and achievements, they have supported their colleagues while advancing the mission and goals of PAISBOA.

2023    BOB MEALS, The Shipley School
2022    PETE CRIPPEN, Overbrook School for the Blind
2021    TOM DEVINE, Merion Mercy Academy